Your this thing has become too wide – Bobrisky Exposes Tonto Dikeh

The nasty feud between Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh and controversial crossdresser Bobrisky isn’t going away anytime soon.

Bobrisky took to Instagram to reveal some damning ‘truths’ about his former bestfriend, Tonto Dikeh, claiming that men leave Tonto Dikeh after a few months of dating because her private part has grown excessively large.

Bobrisky made this claim after Tonto Dikeh referred to him as a debtor and other disparaging terms.

Bobrisky also hinted that he is willing to go further and dirtier with Tonto Dikeh by sharing a screenshot of an alleged ex-text lover’s message to him.

“Aunty tonto see ur life outside awwww he touch you because ur kpekus don too wide 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Since you love to post let go deeper 😂😂😂 my dm don full,” he captioned the screenshot.

Tonto Dikeh, in response to the allegations, used her Instagram account to openly criticize her former bestie.

Setting the records straight, Tonto Dikeh established that she is not going to be used to restore Bobrisky’s lost glory.

In a lengthy post, she wrote;

“No be me you go use regain your lost popularity. Calm down child after now you go send your followers to beg me for forgiveness your time don pass oga l/brother bill payer???

Plus I don help you pay the money you dey owe my airport guy mr femi since 2years you no pay bill for your papa na me you want pay bills for,’ go and run your 100k advert and leave me alone. I have abandoned you on the trenchs jealous envious confused human rest!!!

Dnt worry I don’t need the funds back use it to buy new followers do you even realize no one wants to do business with you again? Why?Geee again friendship no be by force you don di@ I don bury you mentally rest in jesus name!!!”

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