“Your Mouth Like A Pig” : Delay Fires Back 

Chairman Wontumi picked her old employer (Delay) to host a show on his Wontumi FM, and Afia Schwar has been screaming on the internet like a wounded lion for the last three days.

Following the formal unveiling of Delay, Afia Schwar rushed to the internet to allege that Chairman Wontumi sought to get into her legs with money but she refused, so he picked Delay to make her envious.

She also hurled unprintable insults at Chairman Wontumi, but she avoided using his name out of fear of penalties.

Delay, who had clearly seen and heard Afia Schwar’s comments and indirect slaps, also reacted to her outbursts.

On her Wontumi FM program, Delay said firmly that she is always ready to go boot to boot with Afia Schwar.

She embarrassed Afia Schwar by comparing her enormous mouth to that of a pig and advising her not to bite more than she could chew.

After Afia Schwar departed Delay’s camp owing to internal squabbles and charges of cheating, the two became fierce enemies.

Since then, they have never seen eye to eye and have poked one other anytime the occasion presents itself.

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