WhatsApp gets better for big groups with new Communities and 32-person video chats

WhatsApp groups with new Communities. WhatsApp is now undergoing a few modifications from Meta, including the widespread implementation of Communities, that will improve the app’s usability for big groups of users.

Communities are built to accommodate several connected groups inside larger groupings of people, such a neighborhood or a place of employment.

Think of Slack or Discord with a WhatsApp twist (with end-to-end encrypted communications), where administrators may post updates for the whole community to see. Communities were originally tested by the corporation in April, and they are now being made available to everyone.

One Community may have members from many organizations. Picture: Meta
A few new features that Meta is providing might enhance daily conversations. The usage of new in-chat polls might be beneficial for choosing a meeting time or a movie to watch. Up to 32 people may now participate in video calls, which may be useful for a large video chat in your new Community.

Additionally, WhatsApp is increasing the maximum group size from 512 to 1024 individuals if you just want to create a huge group. WhatsApp groups with new Communities.

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