Tracey Boakye Admits Lying About Buying A Car For Afia Schwar

Most of our celebrities’ digital falsehoods, which they utter to seek popular acceptance, will be their undoing.

Tracey Boakye, an actress and businesswoman, has now revealed that she never purchased a vehicle for Afia Schwar, an industry buddy and ally.

Tracey Boakye revealed to UTV’s ATUU program’s Abeiku Santana that she made a tremendous mistake by lying to the public about purchasing a vehicle for Afia Schwar.

Tracey Boakye maintains that her false automobile gift to Afia Schwar was a miscommunication.

Tracey Boakye’s revelation is a clear message to the youngsters that we shouldn’t fawn over our celebrities’ luxurious lifestyles since most of them live in a bubble.

Even if Tracey Boakye and Afia Schwar are closest friends, one of them may lie to the public and say she purchased the other a vehicle.

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