Top 10 International Scholarships In Germany (Study in German Universities)

Studying abroad in Germany has always been a top-ranking destination for students from all over the world. Students have many reasons why they should come to Germany to study. There is no doubt that Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Germany has world-class educational standards, future opportunities, and career security for its students. Germany allows students from around the world to study on scholarships and to experience the rich renaissance culture while studying in Europe. We have compiled the best international scholarships in Germany for international students who wish to pursue higher education in Germany. 

1) German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarships:

If you are familiar with scholarships and grants, you probably already know about this. Every year, the DAAD provides 80% of the most important undergraduate programs available to students from developing countries, from among hundreds of graduate programs offered at German universities, so the catalog contains some of the most comprehensive scholarships available today. Scholarships offered by the DAAD include studies in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as group research and travel for academic staff. There can be full or partial scholarships and grants, depending on the research area you choose.

2) Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship:

Every year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Germany awards scholarships to approximately 1,000 undergraduate students, graduates and doctoral students. These students come from all subjects, ethnicities, and nationalities and study at universities, universities of applied sciences, and other educational institutions.

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3) KAAD Germany Research Fellowship Program:

The KAAD Scholarship is aimed at Catholic Christian graduates and teachers from underdeveloped countries (or Christian denominations in general). Thus, if you are a Catholic, have work experience in the industry, and wish to study at a master’s or doctoral level (or research institute) in Germany, take this scholarship into consideration. Scholarships from KAAD cover return flights, visa arrangements, academic tuition, university fees, personal fees, and many other costs.

4) Goethe Goes Global (GGG) Masters Scholarships:

The Johanna-Quandt-Foundation Frankfurt supports the Goethe University Master Scholarship program. Students from Germany and abroad are welcome to apply. The scholarship is intended to facilitate your academic career, to enable you to participate in established research projects and to actively support your Master’s degree studies.

5) EMMIR African-European Scholarship in Migration:

EMMIR is the Erasmus Minds program for European-African Masters in Migration and Intercultural Relations. The management of EMMIR is conducted by three African organizations and four European organizations, including one in Germany. Scholarships will be given to candidates from the 7 EMMIR partner institutions as well as attendance, reimbursement, and travel expenses. This scholarship program is normally open from October/November.

6) University of Stuttgart Scholarship:

Those who live in backward countries and are interested in studying in Germany can choose from two kinds of master’s programs offered at the University of Stuttgart. “Infrastructure Planning” and “Integrated Urban Planning and Sustainable Design” are both master’s degree programs. If you wish to be considered for this full scholarship, you must have relevant scientific and professional experience, as well as the ability to apply new knowledge and skills. You will receive a stipend of 750 Euros per month if you are accepted into one of these programs. During the program, you will also be eligible for a roundtrip transportation scholarship, a research scholarship, a rental repayment scholarship, and health insurance.

7) Jacobs University Diversity Scholarship:

Jacobs University welcomes students from around the world each year to learn, exchange ideas, and learn both in and outside of the classroom. Students who are selected for the scholarship program will receive funding to pay for their three-year bachelor’s degree and their two-year master’s degree. Accommodation and meals (approximately 6,000 Euro per academic year) and regular tuition fees (650 Euro per academic year) are not included in this amount.

8) Katholische Universitat Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Scholarships:

Do you really want to complete a doctoral or master’s degree in Germany? Every year, The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, better known as KU, offers scholarships and grants to students around the world to promote globalization in higher education. There are many programs available, but in order to receive this scholarship, you must enroll in the institution and begin studying. During the scholarship program, you will receive €324 per month for accommodation, so you can be sure that all of your tuition and daily expenses will be covered.

9) Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Scholarships:

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences awards scholarships each year to intellectually talented undergraduates from around the world enrolled in undergraduate courses. The city of Hamburg is currently funding university courses in Hamburg institutions, which means domestic and international students do not have to pay tuition or fees. You can earn up to €400 per month under the scholarship during one course. 

10) Bavarian Government Scholarships at Hochschule Hof:

The German academic exchange service DAAD and the Bavarian government jointly fund Hochschule Hof University to offer full-time scholarships to international students who apply for summer or winter courses. Students must also submit a financial need statement. The scholarship award should be based on the financial credentials provided for the period, however, the award can vary from 100€ to 659€ per month to cover housing and education while they’re studying.

Other International Scholarships in Europe 2022-23:

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