This Is How Saddick Adams Started His Career

Saddick Adams Remembers His Start And Sings Hallelujah Choruses

Quest for vision makes somebody a visionary! There is an adage “disappointment can’t destroy the banner of accomplishment” and this articulation is really functional for the individuals who can withstand threats, disappointments and obstructions that may forestall their advancement.

Lately, the face of journalism and its clique is changing to suit individuals with ability and capacity to bear the disappointments in the media business.

Through this, a most preferring sports columnist in Ghana, Saddick Adams has been commending God for where He has carried him to.

As per Adams, he began his profession from no where and through the kindnesses of God, he is presently with the remarkable media network, Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN).

Saddick is currently the Head of Sports of Angel TV/Radio situated in Accra. He joined ABN subsequent to working with Atinka Media Village.

In spite of being head of sports of Angel television/radio, he has probably the most sultry game show named Sports Salad and bearing air name “Sports Obama”.

As per Saddick Adams, he will keep sing helleluja
ensembles to applaud God for his superb benevolent actions.

He consequently encourages one and all to zero in on a dream that may make progress themselves and Ghana altogether.

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