Sumsum Ahuofe claims Patapaa can’t $3x his wife properly.

Sumsum Ahuofe, a Kumawood actor, has weighed in on Patapaa’s rumored divorce from his German wife.

Patapaa and his German wife, Liha Miller, have been making headlines in the local digital sphere over the last few days after reports of their marriage falling apart went viral.

The rumors were debunked when Patapaa gave an exclusive interview to Kastel FM on the Cape Coast to clear the air and explain that he and Liha Miller are still lawfully married.

Following the explanation, the entire situation changed when prominent blogger Zionfelix released an album of images and videos of himself with Liha Miller before to their interview.

Patapaa’s inner lion awoke as a result of these photographs, and he rushed to the internet to accuse the blogger of ruining his marriage.

Patapaa shouted a barrage of invective at Zionfelix, as well as threatening to deal with him.

Following Patapaa’s assaults on Zionfelix, the Youtuber responded by dismissing the singer’s accusations that he is the one who is ruining his marriage.

Patapaa should stop the bluff since Zionfelix has declared explicitly that he has nothing to do with Liha Miller.

Sumsum Ahuofe said in an exclusive interview with GHpage’s Rashad that Patapaa is really weak in bed and that he should focus on that rather than spreading falsehoods about innocent Zionfelix.

Sumsum Ahuofe also advised Patapaa to act his age for a change because the nonsense is too much, especially since Liha is the one who looks after him.

Meanwhile, Liha Miller has said that she and Patapaa are still legally married, so take everything that has happened with a grain of salt.

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