Stop Eating Fufu And Fish Soup, It Causes Cancer – Researchers Confirmed

Ghanaians couldn’t stop talking when KNUST researchers confirmed that their favourite Fufu and fish soup is a cause of cancer. Not only Fufu. They also named chicken, burnt or charred rice and fried rice as numerous causes of cancer.

Fufu And Fish Soup Causes Cancer – KNUST Researchers Confirmed. This came to light after researchers from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology randomly took Fufu, rice and stew, chicken and fried rice samples from ordinary street vendors for the purpose of research.

“In the fufu, we found the cancer causing agent in the soup. The fish used in preparing the soup was smoked. As a fish gets smoked and charred or burnt, it becomes pyrenised. This is because the fish had contact with metal that contains Benzo(a) pyrene which causes cancer.” One of the researchers told Joynews in a documentary. About how fried rice causes cancer, she had this to say:

” Continuous stirring of rice in a pan before it fries makes it contaminated with metallic Benzo(a)pyrene. Sometimes the laddle used in stirring fried rice is even a metal.” The researcher added.Fufu And Fish Soup Causes Cancer

As indicated in my preamble, Ghanaians reacted to the news.

” While others are researching in nuclear energy and power, you’re busily researching in fufu and rice ” One Philip Kumi reacted to the news.

” Americans don’t eat burnt food but they suffer from cancer than us. Can you delve deep into this and leave our fufu for us ? We need further and better particulars ” One George Kuma also hilariously reacted.

Meanwhile, the researchers provided a solution to beat cancer even if you eat fufu or fried rice regularly. They prescribed that, food should be cooked I’m a moderate or low heat to prevent burning or charring. That means, fish used in preparation of fufu soup shouldn’t keep long when smoked. That will prevent further contamination That could cause cancer.

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