Sofo Computer man has been accused of ruining a lady’s relationship by chopping and dumping her.

Maggie accuses Osofo Computer Man of exploiting and abandoning her when she sought his assistance.

The woman told Manasseh The Word Changer that when she was having problems with her baby daddy, she went to computer man.

The baby daddy had neglected her and the baby, so she sought spiritual help from Computer Man in the hopes that the baby daddy would change his mind about her and their child.

After explaining the situation to her, Computer Man promised to assist her and made hotel reservations for her.

He slept with her the first night and persuaded her to stop worrying about the baby daddy because he was willing to assist her.

When she finally broke up with the baby daddy, the pastor Computer Man chopped her several times and dumped her without fulfilling any of the promises.

According to the girl, she became so poor that she took advantage of a chance to travel to Lebanon, where she is currently surviving.

In a message to Manasseh, the lady expressed her hope that Computer Man will come to her aid and keep his promises.

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