Shatta Wale & the 6 beautiful ladies [Video]

The Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artist and businessman, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., popularly known as Shatta Wale has been recorded on camera k..i,ss..i,ng a lot of Ghanaian ladies on stage. Shatta Wale has produced accountable songs and is very famous in Ghana and across Africa. As a result of this, many Ghanaian ladies love him.

Shatta Wale has been recorded stage k..i,ss..i,ng about six ladies on stage. Watching the video carefully, you can see that the sensational musician was at the launch of the Airtel Tigo program. Six beautiful Ghanaian ladies were seen lining up on stage and Shatta Wale decided to kiss all these ladies before leaving the stage.

He kissed some of these ladies on the cheek but there was one fair tall lady among these girls that Shatta Wale kissed on the lips. Looking at the facial expression of this lady, she was not expecting a lip kiss from Shatta Wale and she was a little bit embarrassed but laughed probably for the sake of the program.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that it appears Shatta Wale loves women a lot. This might be the reason why he doesn’t want to get married and dates a lot of women.


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