Complete instructions on how to reverse an MTN mobile money transfer

Complete instructions on how to reverse an MTN mobile money transfer. How much more difficult would life be without mobile money services, do you think? Sending and receiving CAPS have been transformed by these services. Even while this technology makes sending and receiving funds simple, mistakes are often made in transactions. Every Ghanaian should thus understand how to cancel an MTN mobile money transfer.

MTN mobile money transfers may be reversed

One of the simplest methods to send or receive cash and pay bills is via the MTN mobile money transfer service. If you make a mistake, you must know how to undo an MTN mobile money transfer.

How to cancel a mobile money transfer from MTN

A mobile electronic service called MTN Mobile Money is utilized for monetary transactions. Typically, telecom firms provide this service via alliances with banks.

The service connects to bank accounts to access subscriber accounts. To safeguard customers against fraud, this technology uses a variety of laws and regulations.

Do not worry if you have been wondering how to cancel an MTN mobile money transfer. This may be done in a variety of methods, as will be discussed below.

How does MTN MoMo Reversal Take?

Your claim is handled and established in around 15 days. It takes significantly less time if you move from person to person.

Every MTN customer has to know how to cancel a mobile money transfer. Be patient after making your request since it might take up to 15 days to process it.

Following your request, MTN launches an inquiry and notifies the individual in question within 15 days. The money is credited to your account if the individual who got it in error accepts it.

Transferring to people directly

You may use this option if you think the MTN customer service procedure is complicated or sluggish. You must get in touch with the person you unintentionally transferred money to for the person-to-person reversal to function.

The effectiveness of this strategy mostly depends on your ability to persuade the other party to return your money as well as on their morals and ethics. Use the procedures below to make a person-to-person transfer.

In your MoMo transaction message, provide the phone number you accidentally sent the money to.
Call the recipient and let them know the precise amount you sent and the account you meant to send it to. Make sure you talk softly. To prevent arousing fraud suspicions, refrain from yelling at or acting rudely toward the recipient. Keep in mind that there is no formal mediator here.

Ask them kindly to check their mobile money account to verify that they have received your payment.
Once they have verified that the money is there, ask them to reverse it. Even better, as a token of your gratitude, give them a tip from the whole sum.
The receiver may reverse your funds if you can persuade them to do so. Keep in mind that they are not required to do this.

How to contact MTN for mobile money transfer reversal

  • social media use.

There are active social media profiles for MTN Ghana. The official social media networks mentioned below provide support.

  • Twitter: @MTNGhana
  • Tweeting as @MTNGhana
  • Instagram:@mtnghana
  • 0554300000/0555300000 on WhatsApp

When you use the aforementioned social networking sites, you communicate with MTN employees. Ask them to assist you in getting your money back.

  • Going to the local MTN Ghana office

Another option is to make a reversal request in person at the nearby MTN office. To finish the procedure, adhere to the procedures listed below.

Visit an MTN mobile money agent nearby. Make sure to file a report 30 days after the occurrence.
Give the precise amount you unintentionally transacted as well as the incorrect recipient’s phone number.
Give the allegation enough time to be looked into and verified.
If the claim is approved, a cash reversal will be started for you. When your report is submitted, this procedure might take up to 15 days.
When you get your money back, verify that the mobile money reversal was effective.

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How to reverse transfer of MTN airtime.

Reversals of airtime are furthermore feasible to reversals of cash. For instructions on how to reverse airtime transfers, see below.

  • Call *170#, the MTN money reversal code.
  • To access your mobile money wallet, reply with 7.
  • Choose option 5 to reverse the airtime.
  • Enter 1 to start the procedure after entering the amount of the transaction to be reversed.
  • When the procedure is finished successfully, you will get a confirmation SMS.

Visit the closest MTN mobile money agent to evaluate the claim if the reverse is unsuccessful. The competent authorities will provide you with the help you need. Rules and guidelines for the procedure must be followed.

How long does it take to reverse money from MTN?

From the day you file the claim until you get the money in your account, it takes roughly 15 days. Because your claim has to be verified and researched, it takes that long. Reverse an MTN mobile money transfer

How can I undo a wrong transaction?

You may ask to have it reversed by phoning the MTN customer service line or posting a request on the official MTN social media platforms. As an alternative, you may ask the incorrect receiver to pay you the money back or seek help at the local office.

How can I reverse MTN money?

You may request a money reversal over the phone, over social media, or at the customer service counter of the nearby physical office.

How can I undo a mobile money transfer from MTN?

You may get your money back by requesting a reversal over the phone, on social media, or at the customer service counter of the location that is closest to you. You may also request a refund from the incorrect receiver. Reverse an MTN mobile money transfer

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