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Pay Us Now! We Can’t Continue Selling Our Bodies For Salaries – Angry Female Nurses

A gathering of female Nurses have uncovered that they need to offer their bodies to men for cash over non-installment of compensations.

As indicated by them, they need to give out their bodies as elective intends to get cash since the public authority hasn’t paid their pay rates in some time.

The ‘irate’ female Nurses were found in a video exhibiting enormously against and blaming the public authority for not being unreasonable to them.

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In the video, the head of the gathering harshly said;

“We are extremely drained. We need our cash. The selling of our bodies to men for cash has become excessively. We need our cash.

We worked for our cash and we reserve the option to request our cash.”

They, nonetheless, engaged the public authority to settle their compensation unpaid debts so as they can quit offering their bodies for cash to endure

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