Moesha Boduong seen drinking alcohol in new video [Watch]

Moesha Babiinoti Boduong is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, as she can be seen drinking a cocktail in a new video.

The former socialite, who committed her life to Christ months ago, was last seen on Easter Friday hanging together with several pals inside what seemed to be a restaurant.

Moesha videotaped herself confessing that the contents of her glass were alcoholic in the footage saw.

Even though she claims “God had told her to stop drinking alcohol”, she said that she loves to drink sometimes because she’s a “stubborn daughter” … in this instance.

“I am going to have alcohol and God is going to keep disturbing my life. God says I should stop taking alcohol. I am God’s stubborn daughter and there is nothing he can do about it,” Moesha was heard saying in the video.

She added: “I like to drink alcohol sometimes and I know he is going to make me upset on my way home.”

Moesha then went on to wish her fans and followers “Happy Easter” before she picked up another glass of raw alcohol and took a sip before being told that it was supposed to be mixed with a soft drink.

Watch the video below

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