Metaverse in Healthcare Market Size to Touch 71.6 Billion by 2030 Amid Increasing Adoption, Awareness: Report

Metaverse technology has seen increasing adoption across multiple industries over the past few years. A report by research firm InsightAce Analytica has detailed the impact that metaverse technology is projected to have on the global healthcare sector. One of the main improvements that the metaverse is expected to show in the healthcare sector will be related to teleconsultations and helping professionals navigate through complex surgeries from other locations through augmented reality (AR).

Metaverse in Healthcare to Bring Improvements

The technology used in the metaverse can create immersive virtual ecosystems where people can work, play, explore, shop, and socialise as avatars. The blockchain technology supports metaverse ecosystems, which makes metaverse part of the Web3 industry.

“While the Metaverse evolves, it holds new potential in healthcare by combining technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), the Internet of Medical Devices, Web 3.0, intelligent cloud, edge, and quantum computing, and robotics, to provide new directions to healthcare,” a report by InsightAce summarised on OpenPR states.

Healthcare professionals in trainings will be able to experience sensitive lessons and procedures through in more visual details through metaverse. The virtual ecosystems will also make remote consultations with doctors more effective, especially for those undergoing at-home care.

AR and VR make for essential elements of the metaverse technology and tech majors like Meta, Microsoft, and Samsung among others are diving deep into research and development around metaverse, which brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics together. The report has assessed that based on people’s current engagement time with web and screens, technology like metaverse that combines multiple immersive technologies, will grow in adoption for mass use cases.

In healthcare alone, the metaverse market is projected to reach the valuation of over $70 billion (roughly Rs. 5,91,260 crore) by 2030 at an compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.8 percent, according to the report.

Metaverse in Healthcare: Challenges and Projected Areas of Growth

The Metaverse sector faces certain challenges that it will need to overcome before it sees a boom in its integration with healthcare. These include patient data privacy, high-tech equipment costs, and advanced digital healthcare infrastructure, the report says.

While many parts of the world are expected to take their own time in thoroughly exploring the metaverse, the regions of North America and Asia Pacific are likely to be market leaders in the metaverse healthcare sector. India. China, and Japan have also been named among lucrative locations for the growth of this integrated industry.

A number of research firms like InsightAce are conducting studies around metaverse technology and have reported varied projections. In February this year, a Spherical Insights report estimated that the global metaverse healthcare market is projected to reach a valuation of nearly $500 billion (roughly Rs. 41,44,020 crore) by 2033.

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