Mauritius Government Scholarships 2024 (Fully Funded)

Apply now for the highly coveted 2024 Government of Mauritius Scholarships Program, a cornerstone of the Mauritius Africa Scholarship Scheme. Open to eligible students from African Union or African Commonwealth countries, this annual initiative offers fully funded opportunities for pursuing undergraduate, Masters, or PhD programs at distinguished universities in Mauritius. The application process is seamless, exclusively facilitated through your home country’s Nominating Agency, typically associated with the Ministry of Education. This agency plays a pivotal role in overseeing the end-to-end application process, from meticulous collection and processing to the crucial endorsement and shortlisting of deserving candidates.

Unlock a world of possibilities through the Government of Mauritius Scholarships Program 2024, a fully funded venture dedicated to nurturing intellectual growth. This program caters to high-achieving individuals seeking top-tier education in Mauritius, covering all aspects of their academic journey. From tuition fees to accommodation and living expenses, this initiative ensures a worry-free pursuit of knowledge. Immerse yourself in a culturally rich and academically stimulating environment, fostering a global perspective. Seize this opportunity to excel academically and personally while contributing to the international fabric of education.

To embark on this enriching academic journey, aspiring applicants need to connect with their country’s Nominating Agency, often an integral part of the Ministry of Education. Express your keen interest in the Mauritius Africa Scholarship Scheme to unlock a gateway to educational excellence. This exceptional opportunity encompasses a wide range of programs, from Undergraduate Diploma to PhD, ensuring that deserving candidates have the chance to realize their educational aspirations and contribute to the academic landscape. Seize the chance to propel your academic career forward by exploring the diverse and fully funded educational avenues offered by the Government of Mauritius Scholarships Program.

Mauritius Government Scholarship 2024 Details:

  • Host Institutions: Public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Mauritius.
  • Field of Study: Various disciplines offered at Mauritius Higher Education Institutions.
  • Study Programs:  Undergraduate and MPhil/PhD
  • Eligibility: Open to citizens of African Union and African Commonwealth countries.
  • Duration: Undergraduate Diploma (3 years), Undergraduate Degree (4 years), MPhil (2 years), MPhil/PhD (4 years 6 months), and PhD (3 years).

Benefits of the Mauritius Government Scholarship 2024:

  1. Full Tuition Coverage: The scholarship fully covers tuition fees for the entire duration of the chosen program, ensuring a worry-free academic journey.
  2. Living Allowance: Recipients receive a stipend to cover living expenses, providing financial support for accommodation, meals, and other day-to-day needs.
  3. Travel Allowance: Scholars may receive a travel allowance, facilitating their journey to and from Mauritius at the beginning and end of their academic pursuits.
  4. Cultural Exposure: Beyond financial benefits, scholars gain exposure to Mauritius’ diverse culture, fostering a global perspective and enriching their overall educational experience.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Scholars become part of a vibrant academic community, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and future partnerships.
  6. Global Recognition: Graduates of the Mauritius Government Scholarship program receive a qualification from a reputable institution, enhancing their global employability and career prospects.

Participating Public Higher Education Institutions for Mauritius Scholarship:

Undergraduate Program Public HEIs:

  • University of Mauritius
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute
  • University of Technology, Mauritius
  • Academy of Design and Innovation
  • Université des Mascareignes
  • Rabindranath Tagore Institute
  • Mauritius Institute of Training and Development
  • Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd
  • Mauritius Institute of Education

Postgraduate Programme Public HEIs:

  • Université des Mascareignes
  • University of Mauritius
  • University of Technology, Mauritius
  • Mauritius Institute of Education

Eligibility Criteria for Mauritius Government Scholarship 2024:

Citizenship: Be a citizen of member states of the African Union or the African Commonwealth countries.

Age Limit:

  • Undergraduate applicants should be above 18 years of age and not have reached their 26th birthday by January 1, 2025.
  • MPhil/PhD program applicants should be below 40 years by January 1, 2025.

Application Requirement: Applicants must have applied for a full-time on-campus program (Diploma, Degree, MPhil, or PhD) at a public Higher Education Institution in Mauritius for the academic year starting in 2024.

Postgraduate Requirements:

  • For PhD program: A first-class undergraduate degree or an MPhil, meeting the awarding body’s requirements.
  • For MPhil/PhD program: A recognized undergraduate degree with at least an upper second-class degree and preferably a master’s degree, meeting the Higher Education Institution’s requirements.

Diploma Programme Requirements:

  • Minimum five credits at School Certificate (S.C), G.C.E ‘O’ Level, or IGCSE, including a credit in English Language or evidence of English Language proficiency.
  • Five ‘O’ Level passes by an approved examination body equivalent to the above, including a pass in English Language or evidence of proficiency.

Undergraduate Degree Programme Requirements:

  • Minimum 21 points at GCE or HSC A-Level or an overall average of 60% or an equivalent qualification.
  • Completed Application Form: Fill out the official Mauritius scholarship application form provided by the Nominating Agency.
  • Citizenship and Age Verification:
    • Certified copy of Birth Certificate.
    • Certified copy of the bio-data page of the passport (if available).
  • Educational Credentials:
    • Certified copies of educational certificates.
    • Certified copies of transcripts.
  • Program Admission Proof: Provide a copy of a letter of conditional offer from a Mauritian public Higher Education Institution or an acknowledgment notice of application with paid fees.
  • Medical Certificate: Submit a duly filled and signed medical certificate by a registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Study/Research Plan: For Master’s and doctoral candidates, include a detailed study/research plan.
  • Supervisor’s Statement: PhD candidates need a supporting statement from a named supervisor at a University in Mauritius.
  • National Endorsement Form: Complete the National Endorsement Form, available for download.


The application deadline to apply for the Mauritius Government Scholarship 2024 is April 19, 2024.

How to apply for the Mauritius Government Scholarship 2024:

  • Check if you qualify based on citizenship, age, and education.
  • Choose a program (Diploma, Degree, MPhil, or PhD) and a public Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Mauritius for the academic year starting in 2024.
  • Gather necessary documents, including the completed application form and certified copies of educational certificates.
  • Submit the documents to the Nominating Agency in your home country, typically associated with the Ministry of Education.
  • Complete the National Endorsement Form and submit it along with your application.
  • Provide proof of application for a full-time on-campus program at a public HEI in Mauritius for 2024.
  • Include a duly filled and signed medical certificate by a registered Medical Practitioner.
  • If applying for a PhD, obtain a supporting statement from a named supervisor at a University in Mauritius.
  • Confirm submission with the Nominating Agency and inquire about acknowledgment.
  • Await the announcement of successful candidates from the Mauritius Government Scholarship Program. Follow these steps meticulously for a successful application for academic advancement in Mauritius.

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