Man prints the face of his girlfriend in front of his T-shirt

A faithful guy wears a T-shirt with the words “I love my girlfriend” and a picture of her face.

By openly professing his love for his partner non-verbally, a guy has told the world that he is devoted to his relationship.

In the summer, a young guy known on Twitter as @NeglectNaim went on a social event and donned a T-Shirt that said, “I Love my girlfriend.”

A heart-shaped symbol was also used to signify Love, while a picture of his partner was paint-printed on the garment.

He proceeded to Twitter to show a picture of himself wearing the shirt in public and proudly said that he wore it.

@NeglectNaim simply captioned; ‘‘My summer outfit”

Read some comments below..

@AdrianEwingsii; She got him the Jordan’s he wanted but it came with 1 condition…

@JChowQuan; U can do this & more she still gonna ruin ur finances, health & sleep with ur best friends + family king (focus on urself)

@DJT_desk_; I would be like don’t worry that’s my dead girlfriend

@rawthagoat asked; Why you stand like that

@desireedlindsey replied; Because this was forced on him against his will.

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