Kuami Eugene’s Manager Replies Guru Over Eugene’s Comment

CEO of Lynx Entertainment record label, Richie Mensah, has written down a long letter to guard his artiste, Kuami Eugene, after he was assailed via web-based media.

As per him, pundits, who are assaulting his artiste for purportedly slighting his partner artist Guru, aren’t right to do as such.

Kuami Eugene was in the information after he conceded a meeting saying he wouldn’t highlight Guru in light of the fact that the last affronted his boss, Mr Mensah.

Be that as it may, Guru in a riposte disclosed to Kuami Eugene he wouldn’t be on top of his art always, subsequently he should regard elderly folks in the game.

In any case, Mr Mensah has taken to his online media pages to account for himself.

I regularly stay calm by and large however this time I just feel it’s correct I say something. Master asked Lynx for a component with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, yet the solicitation was denied.

He at that point moved between different media houses offending myself and different individuals from Lynx the board, even to the degree of blaming us for disrupting his profession for as far back as 10 years.

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He spun stories which suggested we have some extraordinary force in the business to vitiate somebody’s profession.

As normal my group and I adhered to our typical attitude and remained quiet.

At the point when Kuami Eugene was asked in a meeting in the event that he would highlight Guru, he just said he couldn’t on the grounds that Guru had offended me reliably, and it wouldn’t be on the whole correct to do an element with somebody who was disregarding his chief.

How about we consider a spade a spade. There was nothing rude in what Eugene said. I’m a capable pioneer, and I would have chastised my artiste on the off chance that he interrupted the general conversation.

So my inquiry is, those assaulting Eugene for purportedly disregarding his senior Guru, where were they when Guru was assaulting myself and my standing in an ill bred way?

We talk about solidarity in the business and afterward we circumvent cutting each other down.

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I for one generally approve of Guru. Never have and never will. I like to monitor my energy towards consistent achievement and advancement than to squander my energy on trivial quarreling.

Master is a characteristic hitmaker, and needn’t bother with KiDi nor Kuami Eugene on his melody to make a hit.

So there definitely should be no offense taken in any of this. So can we simply drop this ‘wahala’ and everybody return to making hits for Ghana?

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