Know More About Kumawood Actress, Yaa Jackson

Yaa Jackson is a daughter of a popular Kumawood movie director Jackson K Bentum. She completed her senior high school education in 2019 at the Presbyterian Girls Senior High School, Kumasi.

Yaa Jackson
Yaa Jackson

Yaa Jackson who is the daughter of Kumawood movie director and producer, Jackson K Bentum is one of the young stars who are loved by Ghanaians.

However ever since she diverted from film making into music, she is branding herself to be a “bad girl” or a slay queen if you want. A way of life where when you visit her official instagram page, you can hardly find a decent picture that does not involve the exposure of too much skin. There are some sections of ghanaians who are not happy with that but truth be told she is beautiful hence it is perfectly okay if she decides to flaunt what God gave her.

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However for those who still thinks she is all about showing skin, take a quick look at these beautiful pictures of her decently dressed like the “good girl” many want her to be.

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