It hurts me when my fellow ladies criticize my body painting work, accusing me of being fake – lady

Oni Mary, a young girl, described how she got into body painting and the challenges she had while doing so. She also said that her female peers heavily criticize her after viewing her paintings. Despite witnessing it for themselves, they constantly insist it’s all false and she’s not the one who paints them, which hurts her a lot.

Oni Mary is both a makeup artist and a body painter, however she began her career as a makeup artist before branching out into body painting.

The young woman said that she had seen videos and images of white individuals painting their bodies and that she admired them. She then decided to give it a go since she is a cosmetics artist. She believed in herself and her abilities.

She began body painting and, when she couldn’t locate another body to use, she began painting on her own body. She paints the faces of famous people, particularly celebrities, using her body. Her other women will be the ones to critique her works after she has posted them; they will always claim that she is not the one who painted such works, which is impossible.

They usually say she can’t have such a lovely skill, which hurts her a lot. She said that she has various challenges when painting, stating that it is tough to paint someone’s face and have it seem precisely like the person.

If she’s painting a face and it doesn’t look like the face she wants to paint, she’ll have to erase it and start again, which is both frustrating and exhausting.

It hurts me when my fellow ladies criticize my body painting work
It hurts me when my fellow ladies criticize my body painting work

She paints her body using cosmetics colors and other colours that she purchases online. She claims that getting them is difficult, and that she has had to wait days for her paints to arrive after placing an order.

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