Is This Creativity Or Something ” “Madness”?

We have a lot of creative minds out there. They use any given opportunity or tools to showcase what they can do with whatever that is around them. In this social media era, they have the chance to showcase what they do and sometimes they get noticed for their creativity.

Although, some creativity can be seen as ‘madness by others because they do not understand the concept or the reason behind it. Those who understands always applaud it and try to key in or leverage on it.

A Young lady posted something on Twitter. A picture of a lady in a sky blue skirt and for her chest area, she used the surgical nose mask (the one we buy for ¢1) to cover herself. She captioned it ‘Creativity OR Madness?’

People has been giving their opinions. Those who do not understand her concept are ridiculing it. Some are making fun of it and even call the creator crazy. But remember the word, don’t look down on or mock what you don’t understand.

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Under same tweet, someone requested to have the picture at his next art project. So you can say he get the message and want to project it out there.

So what is your take? Is it creativity or madness?

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