iPhone 15 Lineup Will Get Five Years of Software Support, Apple Confirms; Less Than Google, Samsung

Google and Samsung have set the bar high for Android phones by announcing up to seven generations of Android upgrades for the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 series. Apple usually does not reveal how many software updates an iPhone will get but it is known for providing long software support for its phones. Thanks to a new regulation in the UK, Apple has finally specified a minimum support window for its iPhone 15 family and it is less than what Google and Samsung now offer.

As spotted by Mishaal Rahman over at Android Authority, Apple uploaded a new document to its website recently, in compliance with the UK’s Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI). In the document, Apple discloses that it will provide security updates for a minimum of five years for the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max. The “defined support period” is a “minimum of five years from the first supply date.” The “first supply date” is shown as September 22, 2023. This period is two years less than its main competitors.

A “security update,” is defined by the PSTI as a “software update that protects or enhances the security of a product, including a software update that addresses security issues which have been discovered by or reported to the manufacturer.” Based on this, we can expect Apple to support some devices for longer.

Previously, the Cupertino giant has provided updates longer than five years for some models. The iPhone XS which was unveiled in September 2018 is still compatible with iOS 17. This guaranteed software support period could change with the launch of the iPhone 16 series this fall.

Samsung and Google, on the other hand, currently guarantee a minimum of seven years of Android system and security updates for their latest Galaxy S24 trio and Pixel 8 series, respectively.

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