Internal PC Version of Bloodborne, The Old Hunters DLC Exists, Dataminer Says

As rumours of a Bloodborne PC port or remaster continue circling years after its release on the PS4, there is now evidence confirming the existence of one. In a tweet, renowned Dark Souls modder and dataminer Lance McDonald claims to have spotted curiously-named screenshots that point toward a full retail PC version of the game. The images in question were uploaded to the Bloodborne Fandom wiki by Marcos Domencech, a senior environment artist, who has worked with developer FromSoftware on several games. The screenshots are named ‘SPRJ-win64′ which according to McDonald is the game’s file name convention when taking screenshots from the debug menu.

You can test it for yourself: head over to the ‘Oil Pitcher’ Fandom page and look for screenshots of the Oil Urns in the gallery section. The title notes ‘win64′ alongside Domencech’s name, which suggests that he took a screenshot and posted the raw image file — without changes — onto the wiki website. Alternatively, you can check out his ArtStation portfolio which contains even more samples of his work on Bloodborne, all of which follow the same naming convention when trying to save it locally on a PC. What’s more intriguing is that the images are from the Fishing Hamlet, the final area in The Old Hunters DLC, that has you fight the erratic Orphan of Kos boss to seal the deal. This implies that the PC version in question includes the full game + DLC — which sadly, might never see the light of day.

McDonald, who rose to prominence by creating the 60fps patch for Bloodborne, claims that the screenshots have been taken from the “actual full retail version” of the game that’s running on Windows. “–not an early ‘project beast’ era build (you can tell by the loading icon in the corner),” he said in the tweet. McDonald, on several occasions, claimed that he had seen Bloodborne running on PC and that the developers were using it — the aforementioned image is just more proof that confirms its existence. “I’ve mentioned that I’ve seen Bloodborne running on Windows 7 before in a private setting, and that was a super early build from around May 2014,” he added. “This is the first time we’ve seen the full game + DLC.”

Among fans, there’s the lingering hope of a Bloodborne remaster/ remake for PC and PS5 getting announced at the PlayStation Showcase event later this week, albeit there hasn’t been any word on it from the publisher. The reason why players have latched onto and have been pestering PlayStation for the port is that, unlike other FromSoftware titles, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) holds the IP rights to Bloodborne. Whether or not there are further entries in the series or any major decisions for the game would not be decided by FromSoftware. We saw a similar instance with the Demon’s Souls remake — a modernised remake of the 2009 game by Bluepoint Games, assigned by Sony after FromSoftware’s approval. The latter was presumably also busy working on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring, at the time.

The only other way to play Bloodborne on PC is to get a PS Now cloud-based gaming subscription (now included with PS Plus), though it isn’t available in India and several other countries around the world. Then there’s the fan-made Bloodborne PSX demake, which is available to download for free and features the opening section in Yharnam, with bosses Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne.

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