I’m human and full of mistakes- Abena Korkor Apologies [Watch]

Miss Abena Korkor recently said in a video that she is simply human and, as a result, is full of blunders that she isn’t proud of. All of the stories about me that are floating around here are accurate, she added. She made these statements while driving to a filming location.

Abena Korkor believes that as long as she is a human, she will make errors, and she admits that there have been occasions when she has done things she never expected to do. She also admitted that she had slept with guys and used drugs in the past, but said she had learnt from her errors.

She went on to say that she tries to discourage young people from following that road since they may not be as lucky as she is and end up ruining their life. Her final piece of advise was that individuals shouldn’t attempt to keep a good name if they can’t live up to it.

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