I started my bussiness with just 300 cedis, but I’m now worth millions of dollars – Tracey Boakye

Tracey Boakye claims she started her business with merely Ghc300. However, she now believes she is worth millions of dollars. She also explains how she achieved it.

The East Legon Landlady provided some fascinating financial suggestions on creating a company in Tracey Boakye’s ATUU segment. This is how her chat with Abeiku Santana regarding her net worth went:

“Now, how much are you worth?”, “I don’t even know because I haven’t sat down to calculate it.”

“Are you a million-dollar or you are a billion-dollar?”, “Oh, I haven’t reached a billion.”

“But you are a million dollars?” “By God’s grace.”

“So can we say tens of millions, or hundred million?”, “I will have to calculate. Sum some things up.”

“Even though movie production doesn’t pay, I shoot series. My YouTube following has grown, so I can’t keep it idle. So at least every week, I put in 2 or 3 episodes to keep it busy.”

According to the information acquired during the questioning, the business magnate had many homes in Accra and Kumasi. She also owns a number of assets in Turkey, which is her favorite holiday spot. Tracy Boakye was also alleged to have purchased a home in one of the European nations last year.

Tracey claims she accomplished everything by herself. With the support of her baby daddy, Papa No. 1, she has become a self-made businesswoman.

“Every relationship is a give-and-take situation. I will accept money from my partner even if I had a mansion full of money. I did some, and Papa No (my father) encouraged me. Someone you’re dating and have a kid with will undoubtedly assist you. But I’m also incredibly assertive. This is something that everyone who knows me knows.”

Tracey said that she regrets interacting with well-known celebrities on social media.

“I’ve truly come to regret it.” I’m sorry I did that… When I reached 30 in 2020, I promised myself that I would quit doing such activities (fighting on social media). People have been attacking me for over two years, but you can verify that I have not replied. Because you participate in those vices when God rewards you to a certain extent. He will return his blessings. “What more do I need at this time?” the actress inquired.

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