‘I proposed to a guy to be his girlfriend but he didn’t accept me’ – Lady cries out

Playing hard to get might be a terrible idea if you actually like someone. Christina has been playing hard to get for two years with a guy and when she finally told him that she was ready be to his girlfriend, he turned her down.

When people asked her why she waited that long she said she wanted to know him better.

” I have been talking to a guy for two years. I called him last night to tell him that I accepted his proposal of being his girlfriend. He said he is not interested anymore.” She cried.

“Talking stage for two years? What were you guys talking about? I think he made a good decision. ” Said @Emititi_.

“If you like a guy, show him that you like him and stop wasting his time.” Said @Sundayoni

” For me, a month is long. I can’t wait for a girl for two years.” Said @TikeEmeka.


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