“I Hate Wearing Underwear” – lady says

Pritty Vishy, Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, has stirred up the internet once again. Pritty Vishy, who has been making headlines after her breakup with Stivo Simple Boy, has made yet another provocative comment.

Pritty Vishy said frankly in an interview with one of the internet media outlets that she dislikes wearing underwear because it makes her feel uncomfortable. Pritty said that she enjoys fresh air and that she would be unhappy if she is confined to the underwear.

“Mimi sipendi sipendi sipendi sipendi si Wearing a pantie is a no-no for me because kuvaa panties, huwa nafeel kama nimekazwa, napenda hewa safi “Pritty Vishy expressed his thoughts.

She isn’t alone; most females in Nairobi usually walk “Commando,” which means they don’t wear underwear. This has become a fairly common occurrence, and the major reason is because it makes them uncomfortable.

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