“I didn’t realize my husband didn’t have legs till after our wedding,” says a woman.

Borah Muteteri, a gorgeous girl who discovered her husband had no legs immediately after they tied the knot, is one of the most captivating love tales ever presented on Afrimax English.

Borah Muteteri claimed she discovered her husband Ndayisenga Jean De Dieu had no legs after they went home from their wedding in a video that was published online. She went on to say that when her husband told her about his disease and how he lost his legs, it gave her a million more reasons to adore him.

She also said that she fell in love with her husband’s personality rather than his “legs,” and that once he revealed his condition to her, she became even more motivated to do all in her power to make him happy.

Ndayisenga Jean De Dieu, who talked to Afrimax as well, revealed that he wasn’t born without legs. He then explained how he lost his legs, how he met and fell in love with Borah, and why he kept his condition hidden from her. He said he lost his legs in a bomb blast while returning home with his family after escaping to the Democratic Republic of Congo to seek sanctuary due to a civil conflict.

He met Borah, who was in her last year of college, at one of his concerts as a musician, and they fell in love. He stated he was frightened of her despising him if she found out he didn’t have legs and had to rely on prosthetic legs to walk, so he was hesitant to tell her; but, after he did, he was amazed that she still loved him nonetheless.

Those who believe they will never find love due of their condition should be encouraged by this narrative. There is always someone who will love and adore you, regardless of your condition.

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