How To Merge Two Facebook Pages, Simple Trick (Video)

How To Merge Two Facebook Pages, Simple Trick.

Follow the steps to merge Facebook pages on How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

You may have more than one Facebook Page for your business, blog, or website. If someone else has created a duplicated Facebook page for your business, you can also claim it. We have an insightful post on how to claim a Facebook page for our readers.

Why Should You Merge Facebook Pages?

Before, we cover the topic, how to merge Facebook pages. There may be certain reasons to merge Facebook pages if you have two or more pages.

1. Recover admin rights to old pages if lost.
2. You have a Facebook profile instead of a Facebook Page for your business.
3. Somebody is trying to steal the business identity.
4. Your FB page is not listed as ‘Local,’ and People are trying to create a ‘new’ place Page or Place Pages.
5. You set the wrong page name or changed the business name by managing two pages for the same business.

How To Merge Two Facebook Pages, Simple Trick (Video)
How To Merge Two Facebook Pages, Simple Trick (Video)

Take note of these Things before Merging Pages on Facebook

Before I proceed to answer how to merge two Facebook pages, it is important to know important conditions.

1. To merge two Facebook Pages, you should be the admin of both pages.
2. The page name should be similar and represent the same thing.
3. Local pages should have the same address.
4. If no option to merge Facebook Pages is available, then eligibility is questionable. Then you can request Facebook for a review.

What to Consider Before You Merge Facebook Pages?

1. Change the name of Pages and keep the same. It will be helpful to take merge approval from Facebook.
2. “About” information, website, phone number, address, and description should be the same on both of the pages.
3. Find the number of previously created ‘Places’ Pages for your business.
4. Note down how many check-ins and likes of Each Page.
5. Only keep the most liked and followed Facebook Page.
6. Create and pin a post to create awareness about merging Facebook Pages.
7. Download a backup of the Facebook Page that you are going to merge.

Steps to Merge Two Facebook Pages

How to merge Facebook pages? To merge Facebook pages, you need to follow these steps-

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to facebook.com/pages/merge.
  • Choose the two Pages you’d like to merge.
  • Press the “Continue” button.
  • Pick which Facebook Page you wish to keep and press the “Keep Page” button.
  • Confirm Merge Request by pressing the “Request Merge” button.
  • Lastly, you will get a Merge Request Successful message.

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