How to Get 5gb data On MTN

How to Get 5gb data On MTN

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How to Get 5gb data On MTN

You can get cheap data bundle on MTN. MTN zone offers are very cheap and last long depending on the package you have subscribed to.

Procedure to activate 5gb data bundle on MTN zone

  • Dial *135#
  • Select option 2, zone bundles
  • Enter 1 to select data zone bundle
  • Select your choice or enter 3 to choose 5gb data
  • Comfirm and enjoy

Another Simple Trick on MTN, (compare 10gh = 971. 82mb to 9gh = 1.415gb)

Yes, it’s simple but most subscribers don’t know this. When you buy 10gh data, you get 971.82mg which is not up to 1gb but when follow this magic trick, you’ll get 1.4gh with just 9gh.

How will I do this?

Relax, it’s the sample process you used to buy data.

  • Dial *138#
  • Select 1, buy data bundle
  • Enter 1, buy for your self
  • Select data bundle option 4
  • Buy
  • Choose buy with airtime or mobile money
  • If you are using MoMo enter PIN to Comfirm
  • Repeat the process for 3 times.

Bravo! You have successfully activated 1.4gh for only 9gb. Note: data does not expire. Use data to surf the internet.

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