How to fund your Ecobank Virtual card 2023

How to fund money on your Ecobank. virtual card.  This article will teach you how to to top up your Ecobank virtual card with your mobile mobile wallet.

Toping up your virtual card attracts a 1% fee/charge of the amount you are transferring.

Below are the steps to Top Up your Virtual card. Follow the steps to load your virtual card.

  • On the mobile app landing page, select “CARDS”
  • Select virtual cards
  • Click on ‘Manage Virtual Cards
  • Select the virtual card you want to top up
  • Select “Top up”
  • Enter Amount
  • Select Account
  • Add a note or hashtag
  • Proceed to enter your PIN , Touch or Face ID to top up
    Kindly note that you will be unable to top up Gift cards.

How to fund other prepaid cards using Ecobank App

Customers who wish to fund other Prepaid cards can follow the process below:

  • Open Ecobank app
  • Select “CARDS” on the landing page
  • Select “Prepaid card top up”
  • Fill the necessary details and click “Continue”


To view your virtual card,

  1. Select “Cards”
  2. Choose Virtual cards
  3. Click on “Manage Virtual Cards”
  4. Click on View card
  5. Select “Click to view details” on the card
  6. Enter your pin.
  7. You will see your  number, CVV and expiry date of the card. The name for your virtual card is the name on your mobile app.

To view your balance,

  • Select Card
  • Click view balance
  • Enter your PIN

How to transfer funds from any virtual card to account

Can i transfer funds from virtual card to to my Ecobank Xpress account?

The answer is NO, but you withdraw to Mobile Money using third-party application.

Kindly take note: Customers will be unable to transfer funds from your virtual card to your account. Funds can only be credited to your account if card is deleted.

Customers will be able to withdraw funds from their virtual card using the ATM. All failed/unsuccessful transactions performed from the virtual card, will be reversed back to the virtual card.

How to delete the virtual card,

  • Select virtual card to delete
  • Click on “delete card icon”
  • Select account where your balance on the card should be deposited
  • Enter your PIN to successfully delete your card.

Cards deleted/expired cannot be retrieved/renewed. You will have to create a new card.

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