Gigabyte AI Top Unveiled at Computex 2024, to Enable End-to-End Local AI Training

Gigabyte unveiled its end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) solution to train large language models (LLMs) locally on a device during AMD’s Computex 2024 event. The full-stack AI solution includes AI Top Utilities, AI Top Hardware, and AI Top Tutor, which encompass various aspects of training open-source AI models. AI Top Utilities is a training software with support for multiple open-source AI models, whereas AI Top Hardware offers the company’s AI-focused products. The AI Top Tutor is for those who require assistance in understanding how to make the most out of this solution.

Gigabyte AI Top offers solutions to train on-device AI

Making the announcement during the Computex 2024 event, the company unveiled AI Top as an all-encompassing solution that aims to “Train Your Own AI on Your Desk”. In a press release, the company detailed the various aspects of the offering which includes three divisions — software support, hardware support, and consultation and technical support. Notably, the announcement comes after the Gigabyte AI PC was introduced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.

Gigabyte AI Top Utility
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The AI Top Utility is a digital interface that allows local AI model training using new workflows. The company claims the software offers a user-friendly interface and real-time progress monitoring. It supports multiple open-source AI models with up to 236 billion parameters. The company claims the platform is more cost-effective and shows faster results compared to the cloud counterpart. It can also offload data to system memory and SSDs to surpass the limitations of VRAM size.

Next is the AI Top Hardware, which is essentially hardware offerings from the company. It features a series of AI optimised products that are power efficient and can handle AI training workloads. These hardware solutions also include upgradeable components. One of the primary hardware in this series includes AI Top Motherboard (TRX50) with configurable form factor, memory type and slots, graphics interface and more. AI Top Graphics Card, SSD, and PSU are also included.

The last offering in this solution is the AI Top Tutor. Positioning it as “on-desk AI coaching”, this is essentially the company’s AI-powered consultation and technical support system that offers insights, set-up guidance, and troubleshooting help. The company claims the coaching system will empower both beginners and professionals in starting on-device AI projects.

The company has not announced the pricing or availability of the Gigabyte AI Top solutions.

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