Ghanaian pastor beaten and ripped nakk3d for doing the unthinkable with another man’s wife

Cheating is a common occurrence these days, as it appears all too natural for individuals to indulge in such behavior. Recently, the media has reported on a young Ghanaian preacher who was spotted in bed with another man’s wife.

A video of a prominent man of God has been published in the Daily Guide National Newspaper. This guy was allegedly caught red-handed on their marital b3d with someone’s wife. The pastor was stripped nude by the woman’s husband and his buddies. The story did not stop there. They forwarded the video to the Daily Guide social media group with the request that it be published.

The wife had been attending this church for some years, and she lately began visiting the pastor at strange hours, which drew her husband’s notice and prompted him to spy on their connection.


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