Feli Nuna – Towel (Prod By Shawerz Ebiem) 

Feli Nuna, a multi-talented vocalist from Off Da Ground, has released a new song.

Shawerz Ebiem created the song “Towel,” which was released on May 11, 2022. This comes after Feli Nuna teased the release of her new single on her Instagram page. Feli Nuna – Towel (Prod By Shawerz Ebiem)

The outspoken “daavi diva” with the melodic voice of raw silk and captivating energy is back with new songs, same fiery vibes, and life lessons that have ignited an uncompromising sound of her own. “Music is my life.” It’s fun. It’s sweet and instructional, edgy and energetic; it’s fire.” Feli Nuna, uncensored, is ready to deliver the fire.

Her music has no boundaries and her style is Afro-funk. The famous Ghanaian singer has put her heart and her into her new album, promising edgy, healing, and unashamedly female music. Feli believes that this CD speaks to the souls of all women. “It’s about having fun and being free.” You should be able to discover your independence and pleasure despite the fact that barriers are a part of life. Be conscious that life is difficult, but you are far more so. So make a statement and shine. Don’t go under. Stay up.”

Feli Nuna, born Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah in Leklebi Agbesia in Ghana’s Volta Region, burst into the Ghanaian music scene in 2015 with a string of popular singles including I Like Am, Love Me Now, Gelaway, and Afro Magic, to mention a few. The lively entertainer then took a much-needed break from the microphone. “I feel that as humans, we must constantly take a break so that we do not get lost in it all.” It’s critical that I take the time to find out who I am. “I am who I am because of my music.”

She feels she owes it to herself and her audience to provide her finest songs. Taking the time to absorb and share life’s hardships, lessons, and joy in a manner that values her spirit and her audience is an important part of loving the process of making music. “I can’t seem to get away from my music.” It’s part of who I am. Nuna translates to “gift.” Felicia is a happy name. “I am a happy present.”

Feli Nuna symbolizes a new generation of outstanding music and young creative influences throughout Africa that are bringing Ghanaian music to the forefront of Afro Beats and World Music, and she is doing it in her own distinctive style. Feli Nuna is back with a strong team, fresh confidence, and unwavering excitement, thanks to Off Da Ground Records, an established record company run by Ghanaian singer and hitmaker Fuse ODG. The dynamic performer is eager to spread her songs throughout Ghana and across the globe, backed by a strong team and a winning attitude. Prepare to witness this adored Ghanaian diva fly with Off Da Ground by her side. Download the mp3 of “Towel” by Feli Nuna.

Listen and stream: Feli Nuna – Towel (Prod By Shawerz Ebiem) 

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