Elegance Meets Innovation: How the OPPO Find N3 Flip Is Changing the Game in Foldable Phones

In the constantly evolving world of smartphones, foldable devices are carving out their place as the new frontier. They’re not just gadgets; they represent a transformative shift in how we interact with smartphone technology. As people around the world eagerly await the next big thing in this unfolding realm, the OPPO Find N3 Flip confidently steps into the spotlight. 

The Find N3 Flip isn’t just another tech gadget in the market; it’s a combination of innovation and user-centric design, tailored for the evolving demands of foldable enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid photographer, a busy professional, or someone who simply loves staying ahead in the tech game, the Find N3 Flip has been crafted to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. 

As we delve into its features, it becomes evident that every detail, every spec, has been thoughtfully curated with you, the user, in mind. This Find N3 Flip is priced at Rs. 94,999, and with cashback and incentives, it can be yours for an attractive price of Rs. 82,999. 

Let’s understand how the OPPO Find N3 Flip promises to be your best companion:

A New Photography Frontier

The Find N3 Flip is the first flip phone to boast a trio of cameras. From the moment I held the Find N3 Flip, I knew I was in for a treat. Testing its camera setup felt like rediscovering the world through the lens of a DSLR. The 50MP main camera, with its powerful Sony IMX890 sensor, brought photos so vividly to life that it felt as if I could step right into them. Every detail, every shade was captured with precision.

Find N3 Flip Portrait Mode 1X rum

On a trip to the city, the beautiful skylines and bustling streets came alive with the 48MP ultra-wide camera. Armed with the Sony IMX581 sensor and its sweeping 114º field of view, I could get everyone and everything into one epic shot. And as I switched to capturing selfies with this stunning view, the cover screen preview became my trusted guide, ensuring each shot was on point. All the smiles and expressions in group photos were beautifully captured.

Being someone who often wanted to capture detailed close-ups or distant subjects without moving closer, the 32MP telephoto portrait camera was a dream. With its Sony IMX709 sensor and 2x optical zoom, it brought distant scenes and subjects closer, capturing them in striking detail.

FlexForm Selfie Front phon

And if you are someone who loves taking selfies, the 32MP camera in the inner screen, equipped with the Sony IMX709 sensor, is an absolute delight. Whether it was solo selfies or group video calls, this camera made sure I looked perfect. In those moments when creativity struck, the Multi-Angle FlexForm camera mode became my playground. It let me experiment with various angles, completely hands-free. It was less about snapping a photo and more about crafting a story, viewing the world from a fresh angle or trying out playful perspectives. With the Find N3 Flip, photography wasn’t just a hobby; it became an adventure.

But it’s not just about capturing; it’s about quality too. Enter the Vitality Imaging Engine, ensuring your shots, whether in daylight or at night, remain bright and vibrant. For those passionate about professional-level photography, the Find N3 Flip comes equipped with the renowned Hasselblad features. 

Dive into the XPAN classic mode for a touch of vintage charm in your photos. Benefit from the colour-perfecting HNCS (Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution) to make every shot vibrant. And with the detail-enhancing Master Style, every memory you capture gets that professional touch.

With OPPO’s Computational Photography, the Find N3 Flip ensures that your pictures avoid the common overly bright look. It focuses on getting the light just right, so your photos always appear true-to-life. Meanwhile, the ProXDR feature steps in when you’re viewing these pictures on the phone. It uses the screen’s capabilities to enhance the colours and details, making each image pop with ultimate clarity. It’s as if the phone gives your memories an extra touch of brilliance every time you look back at them.

flamingo gold flex upside

Strong Design: Crafted for Elegance and Durability

The Find N3 Flip takes inspiration from the design of the older Find N2 Flip, but it surely brings something new to the table with its modern triple camera system. 

The Find N3 Flip is made using both glass and metal, but not just any glass—it’s Gorilla Glass Victus, that has been shaped with precision. What we also noticed is that among all flip phones, the Find N3 Flip has the curviest back panel which makes it very smooth and comfortable to hold.

The triple cameras are housed in a Cosmos Ring which looks like a piece of art and around it, there’s a beautiful Starlight Track. The phone’s design speaks volumes even before you turn it on.

A perfect highlight of its thoughtful design is the innovative Alert Slider. No more fumbling through settings to switch your phone to silent during meetings or back to the ringing mode when you’re expecting a call. With a simple slide, you can seamlessly toggle between silent, vibrate, and ring modes, making life just a tad bit easier. 

The Find N3 Flip comes in two colours – Sleek Black and Cream Gold. 

Untitled2 colour

Most Durable Flip

Coming to the hinge which has been re-engineered, OPPO has come up with a dual friction plate (compared with a single friction plate on the Find N2 Flip) which further strengthens the flip mechanism, ensuring the phone flips with a consistent feel every time. 

Untitled33 durr

And speaking of durability, this isn’t just any regular flip phone. It’s built using aircraft-grade materials, this phone promises not just style but also strength. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of everyday life or the challenges of extreme temperatures, the Find N3 Flip is designed to withstand it all, ensuring you have a companion that lasts. It’s 25 percent more resilient against accidental drops, and it has been rigorously tested to handle up to 6,00,000 folds (certified by TÜV Rheinland). Simply put, if you were to fold it 100 times a day, the Find N3 Flip would still be going strong after 16 years. So, that’s a lot of flipping without any worry! 

Efficient Cover Screen: A Window to Seamless Experience

The Find N3 Flip takes the user experience up a notch with its 3.26-inch AMOLED vertical cover screen, a game-changer in flip phone design. Boasting a 17:9 aspect ratio with an ultra-thin 0.3mm bezel, it ensures superb visibility. This isn’t your ordinary screen; it’s a blend of convenience and style. Imagine being able to glance at all your apps in a sweeping panoramic view, thanks to the Mini library. A simple tap and you see everything, making it super easy to jump into any app without fuss. The cover screen’s innovative brilliance doesn’t end there. It is designed to be as efficient as the main screen, ensuring that whatever you do feels seamless. Whether you’re gaming, checking emails, or browsing through photos, the experience is smooth. Speaking of apps, the cover screen is no slouch. It supports over 30 games and easily handles more than 40 third-party apps including Gmail, Wallet, Google Maps, Reddit, Telegram, X (formerly Twitter), WeChat, WhatsApp, and more. 

Versatile cover screen covv

One of the standout features is the Always on Display. Even when your phone is resting, this feature ensures you can see important info like time or notifications without having to flip it open. It’s all about making sure you have quick access without interruptions.

But the Find N3 Flip isn’t just about giving information; it’s also about letting you express yourself. For those who love adding a personal touch, the customization options are boundless. Imagine having cute and interactive 3D pets—ranging from Birds, Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Koalas, Pandas, Rabbits, to Tigers—that seem to come alive and play right on your screen. Add to that ever-changing weather wallpapers and lively GIFs, and you have numerous ways to truly make the cover screen uniquely yours. The Find N3 Flip’s cover screen is more than just a secondary display; it’s your gateway to a world of convenience and personalisation.

Unfolding the Find N3 Flip reveals a majestic 120Hz 6.8-inch AMOLED with LTPO screen. Whether you’re engrossed in a superhero movie, scrolling through high-quality photos, or engaged in intense gaming sessions, this display offers a 1-120Hz dynamic refresh rate, so you can always have a silky-smooth experience no matter what. Fast action and quick game changes are smoother thanks to the 240Hz touch rate, which captures every touch precisely. The display also supports HDR10+ for a richer and more vibrant viewing experience.

Stepping outside on a sunny day? The display brightness can peak up to a dazzling 1600nits. For readers or those who often browse in darker environments, the new polariser-free screen structure not only ensures clearer content but also smartly reduces display power consumption by 20 percent. This means longer reading sessions or binge-watching without constantly reaching for the charger. 

Ever been distracted by the reflections on your screen while trying to read an eBook or follow a recipe? The anti-reflection film reduces reflections down to a mere 1 percent – that’s five times better than other foldable smartphones, ensuring that you’re focused only on what matters on the screen. And as you know, creases can be a concern for foldables, but the Find N3 Flip minimizes it. Instead of a prominent line, the crease on this phone has been crafted to be less noticeable. All thanks to the innovative design touch of OPPO’s Flexion Hinge, which actually shapes the screen into a perfect water-drop shape when closed. This particular design sets the Find N3 Flip apart from other foldables in the industry, and you will be able to see and feel it.

Durable Performance: Built for more than you think

Let’s start with what makes the Find N3 Flip really smooth and responsive: the MediaTek 4nm Dimensity 9200 chip. This is a top-of-the-line piece inside the phone that makes everything run quickly and smoothly. Think of it like the engine in a sports car. Whether you’re using multiple apps, playing games, or working with videos, this phone keeps up.

Untitled 29 charge

Now, let’s talk battery. The Find N3 Flip has a big battery, 4300mAh to be exact. This means it can last a long time without needing a charge. But when you do need to charge it, it has a super feature called 44W SUPERVOOCTM fast charging. In simple terms, you can charge this phone really quickly. Just 10 minutes of charging gives you 21 percent battery, 30 minutes will get you to 58 percent, and in just 56 minutes, it’s fully charged.

But there’s more to this phone than just speed and battery. It has a lot of memory too, 12GB RAM in fact, which helps it run even faster, especially when you’re doing many things at once. It also has a big storage space, 256GB, so you can save lots of photos, videos, apps, and more.

In short, the Find N3 Flip is not just a good-looking phone. It’s powerful, lasts a long time, charges quickly, and is smart in how it works. It’s like a trusty friend that’s always there to help.

Device Overall best

The Final Word: Revolution in the Palm of Your Hand

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, the Find N3 Flip stands out as a true game-changer. At its core, it boasts an industry’s first triple camera setup in a flip, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece waiting to be framed. The ultra-responsive vertical cover screen, designed for both functionality and fun, promises an unrivalled user experience. Aesthetically, its colour choices in Cream Gold and Sleek Black make sure it is not just a phone but also a style statement.

But beyond the looks, its durability speaks volumes. Crafted with aircraft-grade materials and an industry-leading hinge design, it promises seamlessness in every flip, every use. Lightning-fast charging, an efficient and powerful processor, and ample RAM ensure it’s always ready for action, no matter the task.

As the perfect combination of design, performance, and innovation, the Find N3 Flip isn’t just another smartphone; it’s an experience. Excited to get your hands on it? Mark your calendar for October 22, 6pm IST. This cutting-edge device, featuring 12GB RAM and a generous 256GB storage, will be accessible for Rs. 94,999 and with cashback and incentives, it can be purchased at an attractive price of Rs. 82,999. It will be up for grabs via OPPO’s official online store, Flipkart, and mainline retail outlets across the country. 

The offers are mentioned below:

IMG export 20231012 175552216 off


Customers can enjoy a cashback of up to Rs. 12,000 and no-cost EMI for up to 24 months from ICICI Bank, SBI Cards, Bajaj Finserv, TVS Credit, Kotak Bank, IDFC First Bank, HDB Financial Services and One Card from mainline retail outlets and the OPPO Store. Customers purchasing via Flipkart can avail a 12-month no-cost EMI along with cashback of up to Rs. 12,000 from ICICI Bank, Axis Bank & Kotak Bank. Loyal OPPO customers can avail an Exchange Bonus of up to Rs. 8,000. Consumers can also avail a one-time screen replacement up to 6 months from the date of purchase; offer is valid on purchases till October 29, 2023.

OPPO Premium Service Offer:

●    Worry-free travel with international warranty rights on the Find N3 Flip.
●    Refresh service allows users to replace their screen guard and back cover of Find N3 Flip, twice within the warranty tenure.
●    OPPO has introduced EMI schemes for the service/repair of the Find N3 Flip. Customers will have the option to decide on EMI instalment and tenure at their convenience.
●    In case of accidental damage, customers can avail a 15% discount on the first repair of the display (T&C apply).
●    Users can avail one-on-one service online by connecting with OPPO experts via WhatsApp.
●    Free pick-up and drop facilities are available across 25,000+ Indian pin codes with issues resolved within 72 hours of the complaint.
●    Flash fix at select service centres promise a 2-hour repair for your flip device on selected issues.

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