Community nabs phone thief, give him work, food and ‘girlfriend’ (Video)

In Ga village, Akotolante, Ghana, a suspected thief was apprehended after stealing a phone, and the locals treated him to the luxuries of life rather than mob retribution.

The young guy was put through several rehabilitative treatments in a series of films that went popular on social media.

The phone thief was initially assigned to cleaning the gutters, and while removing the trash, he was given a can of malt to drink and keep energized.

The audience would sometimes sing songs and make him dance to the beat.

When he was finished, the guy who was filming the wonderfully intriguing drama gave him a clean pair of clothing. They then drove him to a local canteen, where he was handed a plate of food, which he devoured.

A scene in the film while he was eating recorded the moment a woman stated she liked him, to which he answered that he liked her as well, and that’s how he ended up with a girlfriend, as they hugged to cement their declarations.

Take a look at the following videos:

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