Brock Doctoral Scholarship 2023-24, University of Guelph, Canada

Brock Doctoral Scholarship 2023-24, University of Guelph, Canada

Deadline for applications: 15 February 2023

Donor(s):William and Anne Brock
Value:1 award of $37,500 per year for up to four years
Awarded:In the fall and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the winter and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the summer and the recipient must be registered to receive
Application:Research Proposal or Summary and CVReference LetterApply By Letter
Deadline:February 15

One of the most esteemed doctorate scholarships offered by the university is the Brock Doctoral Scholarship. We want to draw in academics who have the ability to excel academically and make important contributions to teaching and research. The finest in their College and at the University are represented by winners. It is planned that recipients of awards would serve as mentors for upcoming Brock Doctoral Scholarship recipients.

Selection Criteria

Equally weighted selection criteria include: (i) sustained, outstanding academic performance; (ii) history of leadership and/or service in schools and the community; (iii) evidence of strong teaching and research skills (including publication record if appropriate for the discipline); (iv) demonstrated outstanding communication skills, and (v) excellent potential for research and teaching as assessed by the College Dean. One additional criterion may be considered with lesser weighting: provincial, national, international or otherwise significant awards related to the discipline of study.

Funding Duration

The amount of financing (up to a maximum of nine semesters) will be decided when candidates are chosen, and it is contingent on successful semesterly program performance reports. The awardees may submit an application for up to three additional semesters of funding during the last semester of the initial grant.

Students entering or transferring to a doctoral program in May, September, or January after the deadline date should submit an application to their college dean by February 15 with a curriculum vitae, a one-page personal statement, transcripts, three letters of reference, and documentation of their teaching, research, volunteer activities, and leadership. This application must then be forwarded to the office of graduate and postdoctoral studies by March 1 along with the dean’s written assessment of the candidate’s candidacy. Applicants should use this checklist, found under the ‘Graduate Awards Forms’ heading, to ensure they have fully completed the application requirements.

Students entering full-time doctoral study in May, September or January following the deadline date. Brock Doctoral Scholarship 2023-24

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