A guy gushes over his girls after getting a new car as a birthday gift

A young Ghanaian guy took to social media to thank his girlfriend for everything she done for his birthday party.

He stated that she had purchased a Honda Accord as a birthday present for him.

The guy, who goes by the handle @ jaee on Twitter, complimented his woman for the thoughtful and expensive present.

He received a flood of responses from social media users, with some advising him to marry her right away.

Jae tweeted; ”My girlfriend just bought me a Honda Accord as my birthday gift, thanks baby.🥺❤️” See his post: @kennerkraine; Oh that’s my salary to her, her monthly upkeep, I’ll collect that

@GodfredCann; This be what we should be hearing every damn day..congrats gee

@KwamiAsamani92; Bro you deserve it, the other one will buy u a house be inspired

@princyicy; In this difficult times. My guy get married to her ASAP before you come back and rant.

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