6 reasons why women Must wear waist beads.

wear waist beads

6 reasons why women Must wear waist beads.

African women are beautiful with or without adornments. Every woman has a choice to choose what they adorn their body with and how they choose to do so.

Waist beads is one of our traditional accessories and there are multiple reasons why women wear them. They are mostly worn around the waists or hips.

Beads generally come in different sizes, shapes and colours hence we have waist beads in the same form. They also come in different lengths and quality.

Screenshot_20191125-123313 6 reasons why women Must wear waist beads.

Women have been wearing waist beads since the days of our great-grandmothers   so it’s not a new trend and contrary to the beliefs of myopic people that only prostitutes wear waist beads or that they are worn for diabolical reasons, these are the 6 major reasons why women wear them in Africa.

Beauty and Decoration
Weight awareness and control

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Confidence and Femininity
Cultural heritage and Royalty
Beauty and Decoration: Waist beads are attractive adornments for the body. The beautify the body. They are colorful, attractive and shiny and they add glamour to the body shape.

Weight awareness and control: Waist beads are worn to control and watch the woman’s weight. It makes it easier to detect when a woman adds or loses weight. Waist beads become too tight or go up to the waist when a woman has added weight and too loose or down to the hips when a women has lost weight.

Maturity and Adulthood: Waist beads are usually associated with growth, adolescence stage and womanhood. Women who tend to wear waist beads at a very young age also claim that it helps them to achieve more rounded hips and slim waists.

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Posture: Waist beads help with body posture and also body awareness. They help to maintain body shape and body composure.

Body confidence and Femininity: Asides waist beads being colorful and attractive they also have a feminine appearance and adds a sexual feel to the woman’s body. They are worn to express the confidence of a woman’s body.

Cultural heritage and Royalty:  African women are beautiful and waist beads add a glamorous touch to their body. Sometimes, waist beads are worn to express cultural heritage, style and cultural practices.  Some waist beads are also to enhance fertility and for contraception purposes.  The expensive beads are rare and they are simply to show royalty and wealth.

Waist beads can also serve as a symbol of love, men gifts their women to show love and affection towards them.

When you see a woman’s body adorned with waist beads, take time to appreciate the beauty without any negative thoughts. Waist beads are a must have and you should get some for yourself or your woman too.

You can wear as many as you like and for as long as you want before changing them for new sets. They can be worn for any of the above reasons as they are simply a means of self and body expression.

You can buy waist beads in any market and even online stores, just be sure of your exact size before you do so. They are personal items so the styling differs from woman to woman.  You can also wear waist chains as some people prefer chains to the beads. The chains come in different sizes and shapes too and they are designed to suit the taste of the woman.

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