5 Benefits Of Not Wearing Underwear

5 Benefits Of Not Wearing Underwear. Ladies wear panties for different reasons, it helps them appear decent and it also provides them with comfort and protection. Although it is good for ladies to wear panties especially when they are heading out, there are certain reasons why ladies might benefit from not wearing panties. Below is a list of these reasons.

1. You will feel more comfortable.

According to Bustle, not wearing underwear makes ladies feel comfortable, especially ladies who feel uncomfortable whenever they wear underwear.

Some underwears cause itching and make ladies feel discomfort. However, you might feel much more comfortable if you don’t wear underwear beneath a loose-fitting outfit.

2. When you don’t wear underwear, you also get an adequate supply of fresh air to the region below your abdomen.

Some underwears are not breathable and when you wear them for a prolonged period, you begin to feel uncomfortable.

3. Not wearing underwear prevents or reduces rashes.

A rash is quite common, especially in hot or damp parts of the body. When you wear underwear constantly, you are likely to sweat, especially if you don’t wear breathable underwear, heat, sweat, and moisture can lead to a rash. The rash could be quite uncomfortable, however, when you don’t wear underwear, you might not experience a rash.

4. There is improved circulation when you don’t wear tight underwear.

According to Bustle, tight underwear can leave marks on the skin. Also, tight clothing can make a person feel uncomfortable, tight underwear can also affect the blood circulation of the body. If you don’t wear tight underwear, your blood circulation will be improved and you will not feel any discomfort.

5. Not wearing underwear could prevent yeast infection.

Yeast infection can occur when ladies wear non-breathable underwear, it can also occur when ladies wear tight or damp underwear. Yeast infection could be quite uncomfortable, but if you decide to go without underwear then the possibility of you having a yeast infection will be reduced. Via

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